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  • Retirement Status for Certificate Holders

    The Bylaws amendment creating a -Retirement Status for Certificate Holders- was unanimously approved. Certificate Holders wishing to apply for Retired Status should download the information and application and return the completed application to the NCED Chair at 6 Winding Way, Madison, NJ 07940. The documents can be found under the ABOUT tab.

  • Board of Director Openings

    NCED certificate holders are asked to consider applying to the NCED Board of Directors. Members of the NCED Board of Directors serve three year terms. To be nominated as a Director, please submit the following: (1) Professional vita (2) Two (2) letters of recommendation. Applications can be sent to to chair@ncedonline.org.
    Directors will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board. Please see By Laws for more information or contact chair@ncedonline.org.

  • Non Renewed Status

    With our new website we are able to better inform our members of the status of their certificate. Renewals are due by January 30th of each year. Those who are not yet renewed will have their status changed from renewed to non renewed as of February 28th. Please check you status to make sure we have it correct.

  • NCED Registry

    As many of you know the NCED Registry was taken down for revisions during our new website development. Consequently, all NCED certificate holders have been removed from the NCED registry. If you would like to be included in the registry, please login to your member page and scroll down to the registry (bottom right of the page) and click on -Yes, include me in the registry-. Then edit the information you would like included.


10/01/2019: Alexandria, LA

12/07/2019: Waco, Texas

To register for an exam please download the application below that applies to you. Thank you.

 General Application
 Retake Application

Advanced degree (master’s or doctorate) in special education or related field.
State-licensed in an education (non-psychology) field.
Minimum of two years teaching experience in a private or public school.
Minimum of two years assessment experience in a private or public setting.
Two letters of reference affirming competency in special education assessment.
Membership in CEC’s Council for Educational Diagnostic Services (CEDS).
Passing score on the NCED examination*.


NOTE: It is recommended that ALL requirements be completed at least four weeks prior to the exam date.